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Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!   Happy Thanksgiving!   Happy Thanksgiving!   Happy Thanksgiving!

Allardt School collected 427 items for the Share the Harvest Program!

We Love You Miss Brandy! We hope you love your new job!

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Share the Harvest

Share the Harvest is an annual event held by Allardt Elementary to contribute to the Fentress County Food Bank. We ask students to bring in one or two items each week leading up to Thanksgiving. Our goal for this year is 500 items. At the end of our 3rd week, we have almost 200 items. The items for November 16 - 20 are bars of soap. We are grateful for any contributions students and parents are able to make.

Veteran's Day Slideshow

Scroll down to News and Click the Veteran's Day slideshow link to see our many brave veterans. If you have veterans you would like to have added to our slideshow, please send the picture and information to
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